Microsoft Office on Android finally launches dark mode

The fever for dark interfaces and backgrounds reaches Microsoft with its famous Office application for Android: its users can select dark mode in the settings to activate it manually; or let that mode turn on or off according to the system settings.

Perhaps the dark mode is not as much news as a little over a year ago, when little by little the most popular applications were assuming the dark theme among their customization options. Through the hoop they went from Google itself with Android to most of its applications; with companies like Twitter, Facebook or WhatsApp creating interfaces adapted to dark colors. What would you like to use Microsoft Office without the white background bothering your view? It is already possible. Or almost.

Microsoft Office allows you to adjust the theme manually or depending on the system

Microsoft Office Dark Appearance of dark mode in Office for Android. Microsoft Image

It cannot be said that it is a function that greatly improves the capabilities of Microsoft Office since the famous suite room office automation for mobiles includes as standard all the potential that implies bring most apps into one. Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, document scanner ... Now with the ability to activate dark mode.

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The novelty, as detailed by Microsoft, has already reached the Android application. This app will be updated to bring the expected novelty; a process that it can be extended even a few weeks.

To customize the theme of Microsoft Office for Android you have to do the following and simple process:

  • Open your Office application and click on the profile icon.

  • Go to the 'Settings'.

  • There you will see the theme options: choose dark, light or system default. In the latter case, Microsoft Office will adapt to the mode you have selected in your phone's settings.

If the theme selector still does not appear, you will have to wait: Microsoft ensures that it will reach all Office users in the coming weeks. The company has chosen the black backgrounds for the app with menus and dialogues in dark gray.

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