LG is selling its unreleased mobiles to its employees, and unleashes the madness for its prices

LG sells limited units of its unborn mobiles, the 'Rainbow' and 'Rollable', only among its employees and at outrageous prices.

Several weeks have passed, and the truth is that after LG's exit from the smartphone market it seems that the South Korean firm now generates more interest, first because many actors now share their share of the cake and second because users will at least miss their audacity with always differential smartphones.

In any case, the latest news is more of a curiosity, since LG was already in the final stages of development of two of its most iconic mobiles of 2021, the roll-up prototype LG Rollable and a hypothetical LG Rainbow which would be their flagship in the industry during this course, with its 120Hz screen and its Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, and this means that they already had some units produced of both devices.

LG sells its unpublished mobiles to its employees

A prototype of the hypothetical LG Rollable with a roll-up panel.

And what to do with them, do you think ...? Well, thanks to xda-developers and a Twitter user named FrontTron, we have learned that LG is offering limited units of these two terminals to its employeesThey could access mobiles that will be totally unique and sure to collect collector's items within a few years.

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It has transpired that there will be about 3,000 units of the LG Rainbow, a terminal that many had identified as the LG Velvet Pro 2 and that should command the catalog of the South Korean manufacturer during 2020, with a more traditional design, screen 6.8 inch FHD + 120Hz OLED, chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 and 4,500 mAh battery.

A phone according to the best on the market these days, which apparently LG would sell for only about $ 170 per unit among your employees. Surely you are thinking that at this price LG would sell several tens of millions in the global market.

LG sells its unpublished mobiles to its employees

This would be the LG Rainbow, a high-end that will never see the light of day and that many identified as LG Velvet Pro 2.

In addition, they will be put on sale an unspecified amount of LG Rollable with its flexible panel, without having transcended neither technical characteristics nor prices of units that will undoubtedly be coveted and extremely limited pieces.

At least we do know that orders have exceeded all expectations of LG itself, so the company has been forced to delay the sale of these devices, perhaps to study the options for a sweepstakes, charity auctions or similar actions.

The leaked images of the two LG models

And if you are already waiting for someone to make an appearance on eBay, bad news, because you should know that LG has prohibited its employees from reselling these terminalsWe do not know if for a time or forever, so surely they will be quite difficult to get.

What if LG returns to the market now that it knows the recipe to sell millions of terminals? Just kidding, but it wouldn't hurt to see them because they were one of the firms with the highest quantity and quality of innovative movements ...

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