"Its consequences are not clear"

Germany will go to the European Data Protection Council to extend this ban to all countries of the European Union.

We recently told you that the new WhatsApp privacy policy could be declared illegal and this has been because Germany has banned the new terms of use of WhatsApp because "The consequences for users are not clear".

Germany bans WhatsApp's new privacy policy

Germany stands firm on WhatsApp and bans its new privacy policy

WhatsApp attributes this decision to a "great misunderstanding"

As we can read in Android Police the Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, Johannes casper has banned in Germany the new WhatsApp privacy policy, which will come into force on May 15, because "the provisions on data transfers are dispersed at different levels of the privacy policy and are unclear and difficult to distinguish in its European and international versions. "

No, WhatsApp will not delete your account if you do not accept its conditions on May 15

Casper also added that in the new privacy policy of the messaging application owned by Facebook there are too many contradictions and even after careful analysis it is not clear what real consequences it has for users.

In addition, he also stressed that the acceptance of these new conditions of use is not freely given because WhatsApp requires their acceptance in order to continue using all the functionalities of the platform.

This prohibition has been carried out through an emergency procedure that has a temporary validity of 3 months, which is why Johannes Casper will take this case before the European Data Protection Council to achieve a legally binding decision at European level.

New WhatsApp privacy policy

WhatsApp will send us notifications periodically so that we accept its new privacy policy

In the event that this claim is successful, the prohibition of the new WhatsApp privacy policy could be expand to all countries of the European Union.

For its part, a WhatsApp spokesperson has stated that they do not agree with the investigation carried out by the Hamburg commissioner and that this order prohibiting its new conditions of use it is based on a “great misunderstanding” that has no legitimate basis.

Likewise, it emphasizes that this update of its privacy policy provides greater transparency about how data is collected and used of its users.

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Finally, it has stated that this prohibition it will not affect the continuity of the application of its new conditions of use in the rest of the world.

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