Is the Google Pixel 4a the best smartphone for less than 400 euros?

For all these reasons, the Google Pixel 4a is the best terminal for less than 400 euros.

If there is a range of smartphones that we really like, those are undoubtedly the Google Pixel. Despite not being the most powerful devices on the market, they are manufactured by Google and that has many advantages that other competing phones do not have.

For some strange reason Google decided not to sell the Pixel 5 in Spain - and everything indicates that the future Pixel 5a will suffer the same fate-, so effectively of the entire Google phone catalog, the Pixel 4a becomes the best option for most users.

Pixel 4a

The Google Pixel 4a, the best phone for less than 400 euros?

Moreover, we would dare to say that today, the Google Pixel 4a is the best smartphone under 400 euros that we can buy. And be careful, because those are major words.

Why the Google Pixel 4a is the best phone for less than 400 euros

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We already said it months ago, the Google Pixel 4a would be one of the most interesting phones of 2020 and honestly, we are not wrong. And after all these months, we can safely say that the Google device is still one of the most interesting on the market And that there are models from other fantastic brands such as Xiaomi or realme.

Why is the Pixel 4a still so good? For all this.

An outstanding camera

Pixel 4a in black, rear

The solitary camera of the Pixel 4a, much better than that of other mid-range terminals.

One of the uses that we give the most to a mobile phone is to take pictures and luckily the Pixel 4a excels in this regard. For less than 400 euros we have one of the best cameras on the market and that even surpasses much more expensive smartphones.

With a single 12 megapixel camera –The same one that the brand has been using since the Pixel 3, with some optical changes– with an optically and electronically stabilized f / 1.7 aperture, it will take care of each and every one of the captures you take with the main system. No “telephoto” or “ultra wides”.

All the power of the Pixel camera resides, therefore, in its capabilities in terms of software - even more so considering that this model does not include the Pixel Neural Core co-processor - and on all of Google's advancements in the field of computational photography.

More than enough autonomy

New Google Assistant on a Pixel 4a

The Google Assistant on an Android phone.

Regarding the autonomy of the terminal, the truth is that its 3,150 mAh may seem insufficient, but the fact of using a processor that stands out for its efficiency and well-optimized software, makes the autonomy of the terminal more than correct.

In practical terms, the battery of the Google Pixel 4a performs well and is more than enough for any user, being able to withstand a day of intensive use exceeding 5 hours of screen on.

The best software?

Although this depends on the tastes of each one, the truth is that Pixels are the only terminals on the market that deliver the true Android experience par excellence. No layers of customization, no bloatware, no thousands of useless pre-installed apps. Simplicity, speed and above all stability.

It is true that Android stock does not offer as many possibilities or options as a customization layer such as MIUI, but for those of us who love simplicity and minimalism, nothing better than the software offered by a Google Pixel.

Updates guarantee

Google Pixel 4a, front

Google is the company that best supports Android

One of the main problems that we experience in a large part of Android terminals, is that many of them do not receive support or updates, especially inexpensive or low / mid-range devices.

The good thing about the Google Pixel 4a is that being manufactured by Google itself, is the first to receive the main Android news. As if that were not enough, Google promises several years of support in each of its terminals, something that no other brand does except the Cupertino firm, Apple.

For all this, we can conclude that the Google Pixel 4a is the best phone for less than 400 euros. It is clear that it is not without problems (construction materials, mid-range processor ...) but to be honest, it has many more pros than cons.

The Google Pixel 4a can be purchased in the official Google store from 389 euros, so if you are looking for a smartphone with an outstanding camera, good autonomy and the best software along with updates guaranteed for years, nothing better than this terminal.

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