Is the AirTag worth it? Honest opinion from an iOS user

It costs 35 euros and has the logo of the bitten apple but ... is the AirTag worth it?

It is the fashionable device. Apple AirTags, introduced a couple of weeks ago, have become the most desired accessories by much of the Apple community.

Not only for its cheap price of only 35 euros, but also for the great work done by Apple making us see that this device is a little larger than a coin, it was going to change our lives.

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I, as an Apple user who not only has an iPhone but also many other products from the bitten apple such as the Homepod Mini -whose impressions I leave you below-, I couldn't help it and I also got an AirTag. Is it as amazing as they say? Let's see it.

I bought an AirTag, is it worth it?


The AirTag, Apple's new product to target super sales

Apple presented the AirTag on April 20, a new device whose aim was to prevent users of Apple devices we lose objects as important as keys, backpacks, purses or bags.

Thanks to an attractive price of only 35 euros, it is more than certain that AirTags will become a sales success overnight and let's face it, Who has not lost the house keys on more than one occasion?

On the basis that the AirTag is a product intended only to be used together with Apple products, unlike other products of the bitten apple, it is not worth buying if we are users of an Android phone, basically because it is impossible to configure it.

Except for this detail, the AirTag can be a great companion for all those who have an iOS device. Its configuration is really simple and quickly and in just a couple of minutes, we will have linked the gadget to our Apple ID.

Furthermore, its small size, slightly larger than that of a euro coin, makes it perfect to put it in a purse, a backpack or directly attach it to keys if we buy an official Apple keychain whose price is higher than the AirTag itself.


The AirTag costs 35 euros. The keychain, 39 euros.

Thanks to the "Search" application of the iOS terminal itself, we will be told where the AirTag is at all times as long as it is close to another Apple product. The grace of the AirTag is that it connects to the network of Apple products in order to share the location. As if that were not enough, as long as we have an iPhone 11 or higher, with the Precision Search function we can see the exact distance and position thanks to the ultra-wide band technology. If not, the only way to find the AirTag will be to reproduce a sound thanks to the speaker that this small device has.

As long as we have an iPhone 11 or higher, with the Precision Search function we can see the exact distance and position thanks to the ultra-wide band technology

On the other hand, there is an option called "Lost Mode", which basically has to be activated when we have effectively lost the AirTag and the object linked to it. In this way we can communicate our phone number to whoever the device is, even if it has an Android, as long as it has NFC technology. After this, it will only be necessary to appeal to the good faith of the people and that whoever finds the AirTag contact us to return our lost object.

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So the AirTag is as wonderful as it is painted? Being sincere, If you have been able to live without an AirTag until now, you can continue to do so without any problem.. If, on the other hand, you are like me, a person who carries four sets of keys (home, parents' house, office and the car), a wallet and a briefcase or backpack to work, it is possible that you have one or two of these devices can save us some other scare in those moments in which we do not find the keys to enter the office.

However, Let no one think that the AirTag is a product to prevent theft and theft and that nothing is further from the truth. It is an object for clueless people who in the morning rush, do not know where the hell they have left the car keys.

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