Instagram already allows users in Spain to create 60-second Reels

In August of last year we echoed the launch of Reels, a new video format with which Instagram sought to copy TikTok's formula for success providing new tools and effects to create 15-second videos, a limit that just over a month later doubled to 30 seconds.

Well, now Instagram announces that it is testing a new extension of the Reels format. This test has already been implemented in several countries (Spain among them) and we will allow you to create Reels with a duration of up to 60 seconds.

With this change, from Instagram they claim to seek with this change that "their platform better reflects the needs of their community."

Now also with analytics

In addition, maintaining that same objective, Instagram also incorporates Insights (its analytics tool) to the Reels format, as well as live broadcasts (Live). In this way, Instagram will now show new metrics, such as

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  • Reproductions.

  • Accounts reached.

  • I like.

  • Comments.

  • Saved.

  • Shared.

In the case of Live, it will show the accounts reached, the peak of concurrent viewers, the comments and shares. You will also include these metrics in Account Insights to provide a broader view of how Reels and Live shape an account's long-term performance.


Appearance of the Instagram analytical tool, already available also in the Reels that we publish.

"Inspired by the way the Instagram community has embraced these content formats, we want to make sure that creators and businesses can understand how their content is working."

"You can share your Reels in Stories, in the feed or on the new Explore page."

How to create content

If in the past 10 months you have never proposed to use this format, now you can make your debut by creating content up to a minute long.

To use this function you simply have to open the Instagram camera; You will find it at the top of the screen by pressing '+' (from where, in addition to Reels, you can access Stories and Live).

Once that is done, Reels offers several options to edit the videos and add effects to them, such as:

  • Add music: Search for a song in the Instagram Music Library for a song ... or use an original audio track from someone you follow. Just click "Original Audio" on your Reels and then click "Use Audio" to create your own version of the video with the same sound.

  • Reels Remix: Find a reel you like, click on the menu and select 'Remix of this reel'. The screen will be divided into the original and the new reel: your version will be next to the original and once recorded, you can control the volume of the original audio, your recorded audio and add a voice in off.

  • Use augmented reality: You can try an unlimited number of different filters in the same Reels, which you can find by doing more specific searches within the effects gallery (you can access it by going to the right in the effects).

  • Create transitions: Use the 'Align' feature to view your previous sequence so you can easily move on and adjust the video cut, so you don't have to worry about positioning the phone at the same angle.

  • Adjust speed: With the timer you can decide which sequence of a song is used for each scene. You can also use the timer to put the accent on parts of your reels and to make recordings with the hands-free mode during the time you set.

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