INCIBE now helps you with your cybersecurity questions on WhatsApp and Telegram: so you can write to them

In 2020, the National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE) launched 017 as the new toll-free number for inquiries about cybersecurity. To the adults and minors can call, but of course, like a good phone number, it has a business hours from 9 to 12 hours.

Therefore, for those who prefer to leave inquiries in writing at any time of the day, INCIBE has launched two new channels to contact. The first of them is a WhatsApp number, and the second, a Telegram user. They comment that since February 2020 have attended more than 47,000 inquiriesThe majority being by telephone (they also have a web form). Let's see how to contact them in each way.

How to talk on WhatsApp and Telegram with INCIBE


If instead of contacting the Institute by phone at 017 you prefer to do so in writing, these are the available options:

  • WhatsApp: write your query to 900 116 117 (yes, it's a 900, but it works as a WhatsApp number).

  • Telegram: you have to have an account in the messaging application, and search @ INCIBE017 (or click on it) to speak with the Institute.

  • You can also write a email Through a form for each target audience (citizen; companies; minors, parents and educators).

These are all the issues we can ask about, as recorded by the BOE at the time:

  • Organization of cybersecurity in companies and information protection

  • Protection of networks, equipment and systems

  • Compliance with obligations related to information security

  • Different types of security incidents

  • Security in Wi-Fi connections and networks

  • Privacy settings on internet devices and services

  • Virus infection situations

  • Content unsuitable for minors and dangerous online communities

  • Cyberbullying

  • Parental controls

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