If you need to count things and you can photograph them, this very useful app will automatically count them for you

'CountThings from Photos' is an almost magical tool capable of counting anything that we teach it in a photo.

Surely sometime you will have needed to count things, any kind of thing, it doesn't really matter, and you would also surely realize how tedious it is and how badly most humans are given this task, no matter how hard we try.

Perhaps this is why we have invented calculators, and later computers and smartphones, which now come to the rescue with this app called 'CountThings from Photos' and turned into an industrial analysis tool capable of counting everything you can show him in a photograph.

CountThings from Photos

'CountThings from Photos', or how to turn your smartphone into an ally to count things.

As the colleagues from Android Police told us, who are the ones who have discovered this marvel, the truth is that it is not really an application to use, but rather a tool for industrial applications with a simple operation, that use predefined templates to analyze still images, counting all similar items even when they are senselessly distributed by photography and not in patterns.

It is a powerful tool and can be installed for free, but given its professional nature, it will not be cheap to use it with in-app purchases from $ 20 to $ 120 for templates.

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The truth is that the operation of CountThings it is quite surprising for its simplicity and especially for how well it counts, from irregular circles to screws and other elements, sometimes difficult to count by hand, such as stacked logs that are not arranged in “regular” rows and columns.

The app is available in Google Play Store for free, and can be downloaded for free testing with some scans. In any case, given its professional and industrial nature, if we want to tell all kinds of things in our day to day it will not come cheap, well templates are sold as an in-app purchase at a cost of $ 20 to $ 120... And it's still inexpensive for business tools up to € 2,000 / year on a fixed subscription!


In the experiences and evaluations of the users, the opinions vary a little, yes, well performance is excellent for regular shapes and repeating patterns, without needing to be ordered, but more complex contours cost you a bit when it comes to counting small and disparate items such as screws, for example.

In any case, it is one more option in the multiple tool applications of all kinds that you will find on Android, extending the uses of your smartphone much further of what a phone can do ... Interesting and novel, at least, or not?

Here we leave you with a photo gallery of screenshots showing what CountThings from Photos can do with just one photo:

If you need to count things and you can photograph them, this very useful app will automatically count them for you

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