If you miss the cafeteria atmosphere, this is your website of sounds to work, study or relax

We all have special places or types of places where we feel comfortable, happy, relaxed ... A classic when it comes to working, relaxing or even studying are coffee shops. More or less noisy spaces that have the ability to help many people calm down or be more productive compared to the silence of a room or the environment of an office.

For all those who value being in a cafeteria and for whatever reason cannot be, I Miss My Cafe it is undoubtedly your reference website. A space with the sounds of a café to enjoy an immersive experience.

For when you miss the feeling of doing anything with a good cup of coffee in your favorite establishment


A website with the sounds of a cafeteria

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I Miss My Cafe is the brainchild of web developer and illustrator Reagan Henke and sound designer Evan Cook with input from other professionals and inspiration from other sound sites. That as we know in Genbeta, there are many and very good ones.

On this website we can reproduce, with independent volume and playback controls, the sounds produced in a coffee shop When drinks are prepared, coffee cups are handled, the people who occupy the premises speak, the machinery rings, it is raining or sunny outside and the English-speaking barista asks us what we want.

This website simulates sounds of rain, thunder and storms for when you need a different sound accompaniment

With I Miss My Cafe we ​​can control the reproduction, the volume and even the speakers through which the cafeteria sounds are reproduced independently

We can reproduce the sounds individually as we said, control their volume at will. and even activate the pan controls to select which speakers, if left or right, we want to sound. In addition, the website incorporates a Spotify playlist with a selection of songs made by Henke. One more complement to the atmosphere of the cafeteria, as if it were a musical thread.

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