If you have a very large mobile, with this app you can use it with one hand easily

We are going to tell you about an ideal application for all those users who have a large phone. The more than six inches (and even more) are already a standard, so it is practically impossible reach the top of the screen with one hand.

Thanks to Quick Cursor this problem is solved, and we are going to activate a cursor on the screen to access all its nooks and cranniesAll from the comfort of the lower half of the panel.

An ideal cursor for huge panels

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Quick Cursor is an application that accumulates more than 100,000 downloads and is in early access. Its main task is help us interact with large panels, in which it is almost impossible to reach the top of the screen with your finger.

If we handle the phone with one hand and it is quite large, we have a difficult time reaching the top of the screen

For example, in apps like Instagram, it is not possible to click on the stories with your thumb, or in the top corner of direct messages. With this app the problem is solved, although we will have to get used to a new method: using a cursor.

This app requires permission from accessibility to interact with the screen, but do not abuse that permission as you cannot control the device. By giving this permission the app is activated, which allows us to invoke a cursor from the sides of the phone.

In defense of giant mobiles

The cursor is operated with the thumb and we only have to slide or press to operate it. We leave you with a video in which its operation is much better understood. Quick cursor is an app free and ad-free, but if we want to unlock its customization options and all the options, we can opt for the paid version.

Quick Cursor: one hand mouse pointer

Quick Cursor: one hand mouse pointer

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