If Windows has crashed, try this keyboard shortcut before giving up hope and restarting

And no, it is not CTLR + ALT + DEL. Windows has a wide variety of keyboard shortcuts, and most of the best known are focused on productivity, that is, to do things faster and simplify repetitive tasks.

But, one that perhaps not many people know is the Windows keyboard shortcut to reset your video drivers. If your computer crashes, it is a good idea to try this shortcut before giving everything up for lost and restarting forcibly.

When the problem is your GPU, sometimes the solution is very simple

The combination that works only on Windows 8 / 8.1 and Windows 10, restart the graphics subsystem and in many cases it can bring your PC back to life in a crash that seems permanent.

You just have to press Windows key + CTRL + Shift + B. The screen will go black for a moment and you should hear a _beep_. If it is successful, everything will appear as it was and you will not have to restart the computer losing your work because you had not saved.

Pressing Windows Key + CTRL + Shift + B restarts your graphics card drivers.

It is especially effective if the hang occurs when you play a video game or were working with a video editor or other program that uses resources from your GPU. The shortcut is an integral part of Windows 10, and works to reset both Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD video drivers.

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If the shortcut doesn't do anything for you, the crash is most likely not related to your graphics card. There you can resort to the old and familiar CTRL + ALT + DEL and see if the system reacts and lets you open the Task Manager to kill unresponsive processes. If that is not successful, all you have to do is press that _reset_ button or forcibly shut down the laptop.

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