"I have not seen anything I want to buy"

According to the OnePlus co-founder, today's technology is not worth it.

Since OnePlus came into our lives in late 2013, it has become one of our favorite tech brands. Your mobile devices are the perfect example of how an Android terminal should be, having become the favorites of much of the android community.

The co-founder of OnePlus is called Carl Plei. To this day he is no longer within the company, indeed, shortly after his departure he announced the creation of a new company called Nothing. But the news is not this, if not a recent interview with Android Authority which left us some pretty interesting headlines to analyze.

OnePlus co-founder is bored by today's technology

OnePlus 9 Pro design

For the OnePlus co-founder, today's technology is not worth it.

Nothing is a tech startup whose beginnings closely resemble those of OnePlus. A small, modern company that listens to its users. Nothing has even created a forum community to take note of all user requests.

For Carl Plei, today's technology has stalled, is boring, nothing there is catches your attention. Hence, with Nothing you want to create a small but select community of loyal users who help you grow the company,

Beyond how to proceed with his new company, Android Authority asked him about the best Android phones according to his criteria. Good old Carl said that inspiration and innovation are lacking today, that each generation is just a small update of the previous and that nothing you have seen recently is worth your purchase.

Now, according to his words, even OnePlus is stagnant. However, the interviewee also has good memories of his time at the Chinese firm. Working at OnePlus has made him learn many things, especially those related to satisfying the consumer. For Carl, the user comes first, and making the latter happy carries with it many other consequences, such as increasing sales or improving reputation.

It will be necessary to see which is the ceiling of Nothing. At the moment they have presented some quite interesting wireless headphones but what there is no doubt about is that this company is following the initial steps of the 2014 OnePlus and that dear readers, it is really good,

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