How to verify your Twitter account step by step (2021)

Get the blue Twitter badge by verifying your account on the social network. These are the requirements to meet and the steps to follow.

The verification of a Twitter account It is one of the most popular functions of the social network, as having the blue badge serves to confirm that you have a public interest account. The ability to verify your account disappeared in 2017, although Twitter has decided bring her back in 2021. Of course, the user who wants to verify his account must meet the set of requirements that we explain in this guide.

Just like you can verify your Instagram account, on Twitter you can also get that long-awaited badge to show other users that you are a public figure. If you want verify your Twitter account, below you will know all the information that you must take into account: requirements to be met, steps to follow and, also important, what you should not do if you do not want to lose the verification.

Verify Twitter account

These are the requirements that you must meet to verify your Twitter account.

Requirements to verify your Twitter account

Twitter establishes a list of requirements that users must strictly abide by if they want their accounts to be verified. There are three characteristics that matter: authenticity, notoriety and activity.


Obviously, you must show that you are the public figure whose Twitter account you want to verify, something you can do using several possible methods:

  • Link to an official website that refers to you and your Twitter account.
  • Official identity document issued by the Government, such as a passport or driver's license.
  • Official email address with a domain relevant to the category of notoriety selected.


As Twitter explains, "Your account must represent, or be associated with, a person or a recognized brand in a prominent way". The social network has various categories of notoriety from which to choose, and your account must always comply with the data described in the one you have selected.

In this sense, it is worth mentioning that Twitter plans to add some categories to the existing ones until 2017, when the verification option disappeared. These would be digital content creators, eSports, academics, scientists and religious leaders, the last three being included so far in the section "Activists, organizers and other influential people".

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These categories that will arrive soon to join those that already exist:

  • government- Accounts of current officials and key government offices, including heads of state, elected officials, designated ministers, institutional entities, ambassadors, official spokespersons, and official candidates for public office at the state or national level.
  • Companies, brands and organizations- Accounts representing featured organizations and affiliated child accounts, including companies, brands, nonprofits, as well as their leaders and other prominent executives.
  • News organizations and journalists- Official accounts of eligible news organizations (newspapers; magazines; broadcast, cable, satellite, and live broadcast television and radio channels, stations and news programs; digital news publishers; podcasts; and similar media), as well as the individual accounts of journalists employed by organizations that are also suitable.
  • Entertainment: accounts of major entertainment companies, such as movie studios, television networks and music entities. Production accounts associated with these entities, such as movies, events and festivals or television shows, and individual accounts of artists, performers, directors and other artists in similar roles in public performances and who are associated with such entities or may also be verified. their productions.
  • Sports and games- Accounts of professional sports leagues, teams, registered athletes and coaches listed on the official team website with a link to the account, as well as accounts of athletes participating in global competitions such as the Olympic and Paralympic Games. You can also verify the official pages of club teams and collegiate teams, and the accounts of leagues, teams, registered players and professional esports coaches.
  • Activists, organizers and other influencers: the accounts of people who use Twitter effectively to raise awareness, share information and mobilize community members around a cause, to generate socio-economic, political or cultural change, or to incentivize the community in another way .


The last requirements your account must meet to receive approval from Twitter are based on activity. These are the 4 main aspects to consider:

  • Complete: Account with name and profile picture.
  • Active use: have used the account in the last 6 months.
  • Safety: with confirmed email address or phone number.
  • Twitter rules- Account must not have been blocked for 12 hours or 7 days for violating Twitter Rules in the last 12 months, excluding successful appeals.

Before going on to explain the steps to follow to verify your Twitter account, we must mention that the accounts that are not eligible for verification are those of parody, news sources, comments and unofficial fan accounts; fictional characters and pets -unless directly associated with verified entertainment production-, accounts involved in serious breaches of Twitter rules and those of groups associated with coordinated harmful activity, or hate speech content.

How to verify your Twitter account step by step

Once you have confirmed that you meet the (long) series of requirements explained in previous lines, it is time to follow the procedure that will take you to the verification of your Twitter account. As we already know, this option is back in 2021, so these are the steps you must follow to get the blue badge:

  1. Open Twitter on your mobile, either in the official app or in the version for web browsers.
  2. In the left side menu, click on "Settings and privacy".
  3. Enter the section "Account".
  4. Click on "Request verification" and follow the steps to ask Twitter to confirm that your account is in the public interest. You already know that you will have to do it by sending a link to your website, an official identity document or your official email address. In addition, you must select a category and make sure you meet the activity requirements.
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How to lose your Twitter verification

When you get verification from Twitter, you can't ask the social network to delete itbut you can lose it for a number of reasons:

  • Yes you change the name from your account, if your account becomes inactive or incomplete, or if andyou are not in the position for which it was initially verified, as a public office.
  • Interpretation or intentional deception people on Twitter by changing their display name or bio.
  • Serious breaches which result in immediate account suspension.
  • Repeat violations in Tweets, including but not limited to: hateful behavior, abusive behavior, glorification of violence, civic integrity policy, private information policy, and spam and platform manipulation policy.

This is all the information that you must take into account if you want to verify your Twitter account. The verification tool, which disappeared in 2017, is back with some revamped details, like the integration of new categories. If you still don't have the option "Request verification" in your account, you just have to wait to get it, since Twitter is progressively implementing it.

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