How to unsubscribe from HBO step by step

If you don't want to continue paying for HBO, just follow these steps.

For many, conventional television is dead. There are not a few users who have replaced it with the different streaming content platforms that exist and that is the possibility of watching the series and movies that we want and without ads, it's a real luxury.

Of these platforms, Netflix is ​​the best known. Not for having the highest quality content (that's a matter of taste), but for having the largest number of users. HBO is another quite popular platform and it is that among its catalog are series as well known as Game of Thrones, Britannia, Knightfall or The Spanish Princess.

But, How do we cancel our HBO subscription if we don't want to continue with it? Well, pay attention because the steps to follow are really simple.

How to cancel our HBO subscription

HBO for Android

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Canceling an active subscription to HBO is really easy and in just a few minutes we will have done it. The first thing to keep in mind is that the Android application for HBO does not allow us to perform this action, so for this we go through the web browser and for this the most comfortable thing is to use a computer.

Once this is known, we will access the official HBO website and once the above is done, we will log in with our username and password.

From here only you have to follow the following steps:

  • Go to account settings
  • Search and access the Subscription and purchases section
  • Click on Cancel the subscription, a button that will appear in gray.

As with many other subscriptions, our HBO account will not be deleted immediately but we will be able to use up the remaining days until the next billing period.

How to remove devices from your HBO account

HBO may not have the same number of series and movies as Netflix, but we are not going to deny that the quality that its catalog is full of quality content.

In the event that any of you have doubts, remember that you can get a completely free trial month unlimited.

To do this, the simplest thing is to download the HBO app on our Android device, click on "Start Free Trial" and follow the steps to create an account.

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