How to take screenshots of a complete website with Microsoft Edge

Taking screenshots in Windows 10 is very simple. We can both use the application included in the system Cropping and annotation like the key Print Screen + Paint or another editor to finish saving the snapshot.

But what can we do when what we are looking for is capture an entire web? Resort to Microsoft Edge, the Redmond browser, which includes the possibility of taking a screenshot of a website including not only what we see on the screen, but what is below doing scroll. Something that you will like to know if you have just landed on it.

To take full web captures we do not need applications or additional browser extensions in Windows 10: only Microsoft Edge


How to capture an entire web with Edge

Accessing the web capture option in Microsoft Edge

Accessing the web capture option in Microsoft Edge.

To take a screenshot of a complete website we must access it from Microsoft Edge and, once loaded, click on the Settings and more represented by three ellipsis. We can also access this panel with the command Alt + F.

Once in it, almost in its final part, we will find the option of Web capture. We will click on it (or use the command Ctrl + Shift + U) and in the upper part of the browser, just below the address bar, in a centered position, we will find two options to take a screenshot: Free selection or Full page.

The option to take a screenshot of an entire web page from Edge

The option to take a screenshot of an entire web page from Edge.

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As is obvious, we will select the option Full page clicking on it to get Edge to take a screenshot of the entire web page before us. It will be done in just a couple of seconds and the result will appear in an overlapping window.

From this window we can draw on the screenshot with different colors and pencil thicknesses, erase what we draw, share the snapshot through the Windows 10 share menu, copy the image to the clipboard and of course save it. If we click on this icon, the classic floppy disk, we can save the capture wherever we want.

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