How to save battery on your Samsung by limiting the use of apps

We are going to teach you how to save battery life on your Samsung with One UI 3.0 by limiting the use of applications. Personalization layers allow you to limit the background shots to save battery, Although the way to do it depends on each manufacturer. In the case of Samsung it is a quick and simple process, although somewhat hidden.

What the Korean giant allows is create a manual list with those apps that we want to limit, so we are going to explain how this process is carried out and which are the apps that should be limited to save battery life on a Samsung mobile.

Limiting apps in One UI to save battery

Samsung One UI allows put limits on applications in order to control their use in the background. It is a somewhat unknown function, but essential if we want to get the most out of the phone's battery. To activate it, we just have to follow these steps:

  • Open the One UI settings

  • Go to the 'battery and device care' section

  • Click on 'battery'

  • Now click on 'background limits'

Save Samsung Battery

Here you will find three categories: inactive apps, always inactive apps, and never inactive apps. Default, One UI analyzes the apps that we don't use much to control its behavior in the background, but we can configure this menu manually.

Fast charging raises an interesting debate: if we want it to keep increasing, the milliamps will suffer

Just open the "apps always inactive" list and start adding the ones you want. What happens when we add an app to this list? As indicated by Samsung, inactive apps will never run in the background, they will only work when we open them.

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