How to prevent apps and games that you have ever used on Facebook from accessing your information

When was the last time you checked the privacy settings of your Facebook account? Regardless of whether this social network stores more or less personal information about you and your activity, you should regularly check what certain applications or games that you have used at some point in your life within the platform they can record your internet usage.

We must not forget the Cambridge Analytica scandal (which led to Mark Zuckerberg testifying in front of the US Congress and Senate): Using an application that seemed totally harmless, thisisyourdigitallife, the researchers were left with a lot of information private of each user and came to use it to influence the United States elections in which Donald Trump won the presidency of the country.

How many applications, games or question and answer tools have you used in your life on Facebook? It's time to review (and you should do it periodically) which tools are connected to your social network and remove them if you never use them anymore (or if you don't trust them at all, even if you do use them), to prevent them from keeping your information.

Check which applications are connected to your Facebook

Privacy Facebook

At the top right of the page you have the first step to access everything else that you will need to do related to your privacy. To the right side of the notifications icon, you have a down arrow. Press. Choose the option "Settings and privacy" and then "Settings".

To prevent third parties from taking your private information without you being aware of it, you must remember what applications or games you have used in all these years that you have been on Facebook. After accessing the aforementioned settings and privacy menu, you have access to different issues that you can review.


In the case of seeing which applications and games are linked to your profile, look at the column on the left, at the bottom you can see "Apps and websites". And you will be able to see the apps the pages where you "logged in with Facebook. They may receive information that you chose to share with them" and you can delete them.

On the other hand, Facebook also warns that it is possible that expired apps still have access to information that was previously shared with them, but will not be able to receive additional information that is not public. You can delete them anyway, even if they are not receiving your data at the moment.

You should know that when you delete one of these websites or applications, they will no longer be able to receive more information from you, but it may still have data that you previously shared. If you want details on how to delete this information you should contact these applications or games directly.


So you can remember if you have ever used an application

Imagine that the information appears that a certain website, application or game steals information fraudulently and you want to check if you ever made use of it within your Facebook. It is very simple. On the same page that you access to delete the applications linked to your social network, you can see which ones you have deleted. And there, make a count of what programs you have used at some point in your life.

If you see that a scam tool is on the list, there is nothing you can do on Facebook anymore. Rather, the social network urges you to contact the creators of that application or website directly. Facebook offers you your identification number as a user for this future procedure.

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The information that instant games can also receive from you

In addition to the need to review and stop offering information to third parties without even remembering to do so, you should also check what happens with instant games.

In the same left column, at the bottom, that we mentioned before, after being able to review your apps and websites (games like the famous Candy Crush come in here), you can also see your instant games. This refers to games that you played on Facebook or Messenger. They can receive information that you chose to share with them.

And from here you can also decide to remove them from your platform.

For how long do apps and games have access to your information?

In the Facebook settings you access three types of applications or games. You can filter between active apps, expired apps, or apps that you have removed from your account. If an app or website is active, I mean that you recently logged into it and They can request the information you chose to share at any time.

If they are expired, it means that you logged into them with Facebook, but had no activity for more than 90 days. They will not have access to new private information, but can see the data identified in the "Data they have access to" section.

How to keep using Facebook without sharing your data with others

Deleted ones are apps or websites that you deleted from your account since 2015. They will not have access to new private information, but can see the data identified in the section "Data to which they have access".

The question now is what data they have access to. Once an app expires or is removed, it no longer has access to the private information you add. However, you still have access to the following: your name; your profile photo and cover photo; your app user identifier.

They explain from Facebook that this identifier is created when you connect your Facebook account with the app. Allow the creator of the app to identify you, but it does not include details about your Facebook account. However, it may have stored information that you shared while the app was active.

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