How to know which installed apps are compatible with Android Auto without connecting the mobile to the car

Android Auto takes the applications installed on the mobile, but only a small part of them is compatible. Of course, do not think that you have to connect your mobile to the car to know which of them you can use on your screen, that Google includes an option that allows you to view them at a glance from your smartphone.

That Android adapts to almost any environment allows you to bring its excellent virtues to the screens of mobile phones and tablets, but also to a watch, a TV, the multimedia player and even a refrigerator. And the car is one of the environments where the system is used the most, not in vain Android Auto has become wildly popular. Google is eliminating limits for the development of apps, so little by little the number is growing. Connecting the mobile phone to the car brings more than one surprise.

Use the customization options offered by Android Auto on your mobile

Android Auto Apps Compatible

It cannot be said that the vehicle operating system can be over-customized as Google doesn't offer too many possibilities. It is possible to change the wallpaper, the order of the applications on the screen, and not too much else. Precisely, the reorganization of the applications is just what we need for our objective: know which installed apps are compatible with the car.

As we said, compatibility with the Android software ecosystem is minimal. Some apps for maps, multimedia player, messaging and not too much more. So, if you want to find out if what you installed can be opened on the vehicle's screen, just carry out the following steps:

  • Open Android Auto on mobile. Each manufacturer puts the menu in a different part of the Android settings: in advanced options, connections ... It is best to search for 'Android Auto' in the system search engine.

  • Access the Android Auto menu and enter 'App customization'.

  • You will see the list of all installed applications that you can use in the car; with the option to move them in the menu as you consider.

  • If an app you've downloaded doesn't appear in that menu, you won't be able to open it in Android Auto. Only those that are compatible are reflected.

This in regard to the applications that you have downloaded on your mobile. But what if you need to know the compatibility of an application that you don't have yet? The best is check the listing on Google Play and see if its description shows compatibility. In the event that the developers did not add that information, you can see if it appears in the official list provided by Google.

All applications compatible with Android Auto and where to download them from

The number of apps compatible with Android Auto is growing: if the app is interesting to be used on the vehicle screen surely the developers end up adding the possibility. Meanwhile it will be time to check manually; Fortunately, there is no obligation to connect the mobile to the car to find out.

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