How to install any app in your car with Android Auto

Thanks to this tool you can install applications in your car with Android Auto.

Install apps on Android Auto It is not as easy as doing it on an Android mobile or tablet. Luckily, thanks to tools like Android Auto Apps Downloader or AAAD, apparently incompatible apps can be downloaded to use them directly in the car.

AAAD is a tool free and open source, destined to install third-party apps in the proper way with the aim of being able to use them in vehicles with Android Auto, thus bypassing the restrictions imposed by Google since 2018.

Apps in Android Auto

Applications in Android Auto.

How to use Android Auto Apps Downloader to install apps on Android Auto

AAAD operation is simple: the tool allows choose an application to install on your mobile. Once the installation is complete, the app can be used in the Android Auto car.

Thanks to this process, Android Auto Apps Downloader enables the possibility of run apps that are not on Google Play for Android Auto, for example video players or third party music players.

The steps to follow in order to install apps on Android Auto using AAAD are as follows:

  1. Download the latest version of the Android Auto Apps Downloader APK file from the project's GitHub repository.
  2. Install the APK file of the application on your Android mobile.
  3. Open the AAAD app on your mobile.
  4. Choose one of the applications from the list to download it. When the download is complete, you will only have to install the application.
Apps available in AAAD

AAAD offers several applications to install in our car with Android Auto.

By default, AAAD provides a series of Default third-party applications that can be installed in our car with Android Auto, such as the Fermata Auto video player, which also includes a complementary app designed to enable the possibility of control video playback using the car's steering wheel controls –If you have them–.

At the moment, there is no possibility to download other third party applications how could Netflix be, because these apps are not optimized to work with Android Auto or they are incompatible.

Also, it is necessary to mention that, in the free version, AAAD allows you to install only one application each month in our car with Android Auto, which implies that it would take ten months to install the ten apps available today –Although the developer claims to be working on adding support for new apps–. If you want to remove this restriction, you will have to pay 3.5 euros.

All the apps you can use in Android Auto: complete guide

All the new versions of Android Auto Apps Downloader that are released over the months can be downloaded from the official repository of the project. At the time of publishing this article, the version 1.2 corresponds to the latest release.

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