How to improve the sensitivity of gestures on a Samsung mobile to make them faster

We are going to show you how you can improve the sensitivity of gestures on your Samsung mobile. In the latest versions of One UI 3, from a few years ago, we can activate the gesture control in our Samsung, as a substitute for the classic keypad.

The gestures force us to slide our finger from the bottom of the screen, something that, added to the fact that we carry a cover, can make it not entirely easy to carry out the gesture (especially if we have a small lower chin). We are going to teach you how to set the sensitivity of these gestures, so you can improve them to your liking.

Samsung gestures are highly customizable

Not all customization layers allow adjust gesture sensitivity But, in the case of Samsung, it is possible. In a few simple steps we are going to show you how to do this configuration. In our case, we have carried out the process with Android 11 and the latest version of One UI, so there may be slight changes in the menus depending on the mobile and version you use.

Samsung sensitivity

  • Open the settings of your Samsung mobile

  • Click on the 'Screen' section

  • Look for the 'Navigation bar' section

  • In this menu, under the swipe gestures, you will see 'More options'

  • Adjust the sensitivity of gestures

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Although it is a bit hidden, it is not difficult to access this menu. Samsung itself tells us that, if we use a cover, it may be difficult for us to perform gestures from the edges of the screen. From here we can adjust the sensitivity of the gestures from highest to lowest, with a total of four values.

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