how to import all your saved information from your old browser

The fact that a few years ago you started using a browser does not force you to always remain faithful to this company. Each of the giants within the browsers they are presenting news quite regularly, as we are always updating and it may be time to move your browser.

What often ties us to one of these browsers is, in addition to being used to its interface, that we have many relevant information stored there that help us to be efficient in our daily tasks. With just put the first letter of your most visited pages, it automatically shows you that option you are looking for, in the URL bar.

You have passwords saved that you often do not remember by heart. Or the bookmarks of your history and your favorite and pending pages. Y when you want to change browser, you don't want to lose this information.

If you want to adopt Firefox and import information from other browsers


Firefox allows you to import bookmarks from other browsers that you have installed on your computer. Also allows you to import your browsing history and the passwords saved in those browsers.

When you want to move your information from another browser to Firefox, you must first click on the menu in the three horizontal lines in the upper right part and there choose the Catalog option. And from the options it gives you, choose markers. Slide to the bottom and click Show all bookmarks.

In the new window that will open you have the option to "Import and backup". Click there and the last alternative that it offers you to import information to your Firefix browser is "Import data from".

Import From

There you will have four options from where you want to import your data, bookmarks, passwords and others from another browser to Firefox. You can do it from Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Edge Legacy, Internet Explorer or Chrome.


And you have to choose exactly what information you want to import: cookies, browsing history, saved logins and password and bookmarks. You can unmark in the side squares what interests you the least. The browser selected for this import process will have to be closed to carry out this process.

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So you can import the information if you want to start using Microsoft Edge

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If you have been one of those people who have switched to Edge with all the news that has come from Microsoft, here is a guide to change your information as passwords saved from other browsers that you also use.

To import this information, you have to click on the menu of your browser (an icon with three dots arranged horizontally in the upper right), go to the "Settings" section and there you will directly access the first option, which is profiles. . In profiles you can choose the option to "Import favorites from another browser", as you can see in the previous image.

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Click and you can choose from which browsers you want to import your bookmarks. Until a few months ago bookmarks could not be imported from some browsers like Mozilla Firefox but yes from others like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Now you can import from Firefox but with limitations.

While from other browsers you can import: Favorites or bookmarks; saved passwords; search engines; personal information; Payment information; Exploration history; cookies; Homepage; setting; open tabs and extensions, when you transfer information from Firefox there are four options. These are: Favorites or bookmarks; saved passwords; personal information and browsing history. And it can happen, as in my case, that the passwords are not imported.

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In these cases, what you should do is move your bookmarks from Firefox to Chrome (you'll see how soon) or to Explorer. And then from these to Edge.

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Import information from other browsers to Chrome


Now we are going to see how to import information to Google Chrome. You should also go to the menu. In this case it is three vertical dots in the upper right corner. And access settings. Once inside configuration you have to select Import favorites and configuration.

You can import from Microsoft Explorer, Edge, Mozilla Firefox and bookmark HTML file. The information that you can import is more limited. Thus, if you decide to bring your data from Edge, you will only be able to bring your "favorite" items.

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But if you bring information from your Firefox browser you can also bring your browsing history, stored passwords and form data autocomplete in addition to favorites. In order to carry out this import, you must have Firefox closed.

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