how to hear the name or number of the person who is calling you

With the app Google Phone It is no longer necessary to look at the screen to know who is calling us. In recent days it has been activating a new function that allows us to hear the name or number of the person who is calling us.

This new function is very useful if we usually carry headphones, since it will avoid having to take our mobile out of our pocket to know who is calling us. If your mobile comes standard with the official Google phone call application, we will tell you how to activate the new one caller ID announcement.

Announce Caller ID

This feature comes after months of waiting. It was first leaked in September 2020, so eight months later we can finally hear who's calling us from the Google phone dialer.

Google Phone Ad Call Id

In the latest update of Google Phone (Beta) we will find the new option 'Caller ID Announcement' within the settings of the application. By default it is deactivated, but by clicking on 'Announce caller ID' we can choose to tell us forever out loud the ID of the incoming call or only when using headphones.

How to record phone calls on iOS and Android

Once the announcement of the caller ID is activated, when we receive an incoming call, Google's voice synthesis will tell us the phrase through the mobile speaker or headphones "incoming voice call from [contacto/número]" next to our ringtone. He will repeat the phrase until the mobile stops ringing.

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