How to get provisional authorization to drive online if you have already passed the pilot

If you have already passed all the tests to obtain a driving license, both the theoretical exam and the practical exam, Congratulations! You are one step away from being able to start driving, you just need to have the permit in your hands or, while it arrives by mail at your home weeks after the apt, provisional authorization to drive.

This authorization, issued by the General Directorate of Traffic, allows us to drive as if we already had the license and it is valid for a maximum of three months to drive in Spain as long as we also have an official identification document such as the DNI.

Without the need for a digital certificate or electronic identification, we can immediately obtain the provisional license from the DGT that allows us to drive through Spain while the final permit arrives.

The authorization, also known as a provisional license, can be obtained by going to your driving school once the notes of your practical exam have been published with the result of pass or you can also easily get it on the internet. We explain how.


The provisional DGT card instantly and on-line


As you know, if you have examined yourself for a driving license, you can check from anywhere on the internet the marks obtained in both theoretical and practical exams. Ratings remain posted for 15 days and through your query you can instantly access your temporary card that will serve you while the final one arrives.

You must access the procedure Consultation of exam notes in the electronic headquarters of the DGT website, click on access to the service No certificate and provide the data requested: NIF / NIE, date of the exam, type of permit on which we have examined and date of birth. Now click on the button Look for.

The provisional authorization to drive is downloaded in PDF, although we must print it to be able to show it if necessary

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If all the data is correct and the notes are already published, we will be able to see our name, identity document number, the test that we have carried out and the result of it. If we have been fit, at the bottom of the web we will find the button Get authorization. By clicking on it we will directly access the PDF of our provisional authorization to drive that will help us, as we have said, to circulate through the national territory without any problem as long as we can also identify ourselves with the DNI, for example.

With the provisional authorization it would be enough to circulate without problems, but We must also know that digital permission does reach before the definitive one to our mobile and we will have it available in the miDGT application a few days after obtaining the apt. Of course, you will need to identify yourself with the Cl @ ve system, your digital certificate or certain personal data and a text message.

By last, It should be remembered that the final permit is sent a few weeks after approval. The deadline estimated by the General Directorate of Traffic, for us to get an idea, is a month and a half. If you want to know in what state is the manufacture of the card and if it has already been sent, you can access the procedure Processing status of my driving license And with a couple of facts, discover how close you are to having your final permit in your hands.

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