how to force the update or install it manually

Yesterday, without warning, Microsoft released Windows 10 May 2021 Update, the first "big" version of the year of the desktop operating system. And we put quotation marks big because big has little. So much so that we hardly even know why a name of great update has been dedicated to it, because the changes are very minor. The good part is that this fall will come the biggest update since the launch in 2015, Sun Valley or Windows 10 21H1.

However, you may feel like being able to use features like the Windows Hello support on external cameras, or performance improvements in teleworking scenarios. Therefore, if the update has not yet reached you through Windows Update through the button "Search for updates", we are going to tell you how to force the installation or manually update the system, as long as you already have it installed.


Although it is an official method, From Genbeta we advise waiting for the update to arrive via Windows Update, especially taking into account the problems that large versions of any operating system usually give at the time of its launch.

As easy as downloading a small file and following a few very direct steps

For users who want to update as soon as possible, as we must remember that Windows Update may take months to provide us with the update, Microsoft offers us the possibility of updating already by downloading an executable on its download website.


In it, as we see in the capture, we will have to click on "Update now", to download the Windows 10 update wizard, which promises to install the May 2021 update. Once we have downloaded the file, named "Windows10Upgrade9252.exe", we will have to run it, which will open the following window.

Update Windows 10 Now

In it, we will have to click again on "Update now". just as we did on the web. If there are no problems, the assistant will congratulate us, indicating that our equipment is compatible.

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After that, we will have to click on "Next" or wait for the download to start automatically When the countdown is over While it is downloading, we can continue working and minize the window.

Windows 10 Minimize

Windows 10 Updating

After downloading, the process will change from "Downloading the Windows 10 update" to "Updating Windows 10", as we see in this 13% screenshot. It must be said that the process can take a while, so be patient.

Windows 10 Restart

Once that process is finished, Windows 10 will ask us to restart the computer. It will give us, yes, a lot of time to decide, and even allow us to "Restart later". Once it restarts, Windows will not start automatically, but will keep us waiting for a few minutes to complete the installation of the update.

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