how to follow the count, check the result and the possible agreements of the 4M online

When two years have not yet passed since the 2019 Madrid Assembly elections held on Sunday, May 26, 2019, the citizens of the Madrid's community go back to the polls to choose in these early elections of May 4, 2021 to the people who will occupy the 136 seats in the regional legislative assembly in the remaining two years of the XII legislature.

To follow the results of elections via the internet, those of the 4M, to which a total of 5,112,658 voters have been called, the Community of Madrid has enabled a mobile application available for both Android and iOS, as well as a website:

Beyond being able to follow the count and consult the outcome of the Madrid elections, both the application and the web offer a series of additional information. We tell you what it is about.

The website and applications of the Madrid Elections 4M 2021 with results and pactometer

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Results website for the Madrid Assembly Elections on May 4, 2021.

Both the mobile application and the website of the elections of the Community of Madrid allow, as we said, follow in real time the provisional results obtained by all the candidatures by geographical area (set of the autonomous community, municipalities, districts of the city of Madrid, population sections and other geographical areas), as well as a pactometer.

The application and the results website for the elections of the Community of Madrid allow us, once the first votes begin to be counted, to study possible pacts between parties of the Madrid Assembly with its particular 'pactometer'

Results website of the Madrid elections of 2021

This website groups together all the surveys carried out in Spain for general, regional and municipal elections

This tool, called in app and web Pact configurator, allows us to group applications for study possible pacts between parties of the Madrid Assembly. Of course, once the results begin to be known and there are seats distributed. Before the scrutiny, the application and the web will allow us to propose the formations that form a pact, although seats will not be indicated.

On both platforms We can also access the percentage of polling stations constituted, the progress of participation and the results of the 2019 elections. We also have direct access to the website enabled to consult the influx to the electoral premises, very useful to try to avoid queues at an appointment with the polls marked by the pandemic and the prevention measures that this health situation requires.

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