how to discover new tricks, trivia and wizard functions

The Google Assistant has so many functions that it is practically impossible to collect them all. The usual thing is to use it to tell us the day's agenda, set alarms, tell us the time and others, but there are dozens of functions that we may be missing for not knowing that they exist.

We are going to show you how you can discover new tricks, functions and curiosity of the Google Assistant, so you can learn how to get the most out of it. The route is somewhat hidden, but here we are to show you the fastest way.

Google Assistant: 21 tricks (and some extras) to become an expert with the Google Assistant

How to discover new secrets of the Google Assistant

Google Assistant

The Google Assistant can execute a large number of orders, but many of them are quite unknown. In fact, while preparing this tutorial, we discovered quite a few new features. Google is updating these new orders of its Assistant, so you can always find news.

To discover news and functions about the Google Assistant, just follow these steps:

  • Open the Google app

  • Click on Settings

  • Tap on Google Assistant

  • Click on Explore

Google Assistant tricks

We have to go down a lot within the list of Google Assistant options, but among them we have the option to Explore, a real hidden treasure. At the top, we have a search bar in which we can search for different terms. Google will provide us with results based on them, if there are related functions.

Below we have tricks of the Google Assistant that we may like based on our interests. We also have a trends section and, the most useful, the news. In this section we can be aware of the updates that the Google Assistant receives, to discover new functions.

The thing does not end here, and it is that we have categories for nutritional information, consult financial markets, manage the shopping list ... Basically, Google brings together a large part of its best functions here for users to discover.