how to digitize handwritten text and transfer it to the computer

For some time, Google updated the Google Lens application to offer the ability to recognize handwritten notes that can be digitized on the computer, all with a simple copy and paste.

Your calligraphy does not need to be perfect and bookish, but it does need to be legible so that the application can identify it. The process is quite quick and easy, although it may not work for you the first time. In Genbeta we are going to explain the requirements you need to meet and how to take advantage of this new Google Lens feature step by step.


  • To copy text to your computer from Google Lens, you need to have the latest version of the Google Chrome browser installed, either on Windows, Linux or macOS.

  • You must also install the latest version of Google Lens for either Android or iOS.

  • You must log in with the same Google account on both computer and mobile.

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How to digitize handwritten text and transfer it to the computer

Digitize Handwritten Text Google Lens

The first thing you need to do is open Chrome on your computer and then open the Google Lens application on your mobile. From Lens you must select the Text option, that is, touch the icon in the form of a document to be able to take the photo.

The next thing to do is point to the handwritten notes that you want to digitize and wait for Google to recognize them. This is perhaps the most critical part, you have to aim well, with good lighting And in case some words are not recognized, try again, because it tends to fail the first, without that meaning that it cannot succeed the second.

Once your text has been fully recognized, you can proceed to select that text as if it were digital, all of it, or just a segment. Once you have selected everything you want to transfer to your computer, you just have to touch where it says "Copy to a computer".

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Google Lens It will then show you a list with the available computers from which you have logged in with Chrome and where you can paste the text.

Choose your PC from the list and right after you will see a pop-up notification in your operating system indicating that text has been copied from your mobile to the clipboard, like the one in the image above.

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Now you can use any application either inside Chrome or outside of it, to paste the text. Since it's on the clipboard, you can paste it into your favorite notes app, text editor, or office program.

The results are not always perfect, but the app certainly works.

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