How to create memes in Microsoft Teams

If you are a lover of memes and you like to add a touch of fun to your conversations, this feature of Microsoft Teams is going to love you.

Did you know that ... with Microsoft Teams you may create your own memes? We teach you how to make memes on this popular communication and collaboration platform.

Microsoft Teams is a communication tool similar to Skipe and launched on the market in 2017. It has been developed to help work teams in the task organization, allowing the editing of files, user interaction and being of great help to carry out successful projects.

In addition, this platform not only works for workgroups, video conferencing and productivity services, but it is also possible to create memes. And although very few people know about this facet, it is not until now that it has become known. So if you want to know how create memes in Microsoft Teams, do not detach yourself from the screen.

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This is how you can create memes in Microsoft Teams step by step

If you want to get the most out of this Microsoft Teams, it's time to learn how to make memes using this communication software. Pay attention!

  • Go into Microsoft Teams from your computer.
  • Open a chat window.
  • Once open, at the bottom you will see several buttons. Locate and press the button "Adhesive / Label". This section hosts a wide variety of classified memes, including: popular, office drama, memes, designers, legal… and more.
So you can create memes in Microsoft Teams step by step

Enter a chat window in Microsoft Teams and select the "Label" icon

  • Select one that you like and start editing it. Will generally appear to you "Upper text" Y "Bottom text" to include personalized and fun titles / texts.
  • At the end, click on the button "Clever".
  • Share it by pressing the key "Send".
steps to create memes in Microsoft Teams step by step

Customize the meme and place a funny text

This function is similar to the one offered by WhatsApp, since it has a bank of funny memes. The only difference is that in Microsoft Teams you can edit and / or customize them to your style, especially to be used during an informal conversation with a friend or colleague.

Now, we know that this function is not widely used precisely because the platform has been designed exclusively for the workplace and not as an informal means of communication, however, it is still an excellent alternative for users. meme lovers.

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