How to change Netflix region and what is it for?

Change region on Netflix and watch all releases from day one.

There is no doubt that Netflix is ​​the leading streaming video platform with an extensive programming catalog, but each country has a content pack enabled with some differences. This is because depending on the part of the world we are in, Netflix will offer different content.

If it happened to you that you want to see a Netflix series or movie and it is not available in your country, or you want to see a premiere and you do not have access from your region, do not worry that has a solution.

Change Netflix region

If you change the Netflix region you can access the content you wantIt doesn't matter if you are in Spain or in another country, let's see how you can do it.

What is the purpose of changing the Netflix region?

Let's start by telling you that Netflix is ​​available in at least 190 countries, but not all have the same catalog of content. There are those who say that Spain has a program that has around 3,000 titles divided into series, movies and others, but the United States and other countries double that amount. To this is added that, in many cases, the premieres of a movie or series are available first for some specific countries.

Changing the Netflix region will help you enjoy a wider content and many new releases to which, perhaps, you would not have access if you are in Spain or in another country. But, that is not achieved by changing the region in your account, for this you will need a VPN application that changes the country of origin of your Internet connection. If you don't know what a VPN is, enter here.

Which VPN should you choose?

VPN on Android mobile

Using a VPN is the safest thing to do if you browse unknown places

To choose the best VPN to watch Netflix You must know some necessary characteristics to avoid selecting one that does not perform the job correctly.

  1. The VPN must have servers in the country where you want to watch Netflix programming.
  2. You should check the VPN limitations in reference to the limits of daily, weekly and monthly megabytes allowed.
  3. Check if it allows the playback of streaming content.
  4. If you want Netflix to be seen in excellent video quality, speed plays a very important role.
  5. Do not stop check if it is compatible with your mobile, television or tablet.
  6. The number of simultaneous connectionsAlthough this is only if you are going to share the VPN with other people in your household.

How to change Netflix region?

Knowing the above information, we are going to give you some VPNs you can use to watch Netflix from another country and that you can download to your mobile from the Play Store.

Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN for Netflix

This VPN is well known for its high speed, which is ideal for Netflix or to play an online video game. It offers 128-bit AES encryption that gives you great security to protect your data. In total it has more than 10,000 servers distributed in more than 150 countries so you will surely find the country you want to connect to.

Express VPN


You can try the VPN for 7 days totally free and then pay a monthly subscription that offers you a 24/7 technical service. Available in 94 countries with more than 3,000 servers. An important fact is that you can download it for tablet, mobile and Android TV.

Free VPN

Free VPN for Netflix

Another excellent option to watch Netflix is ​​Free VPN, which although its name indicates that it is free, it only offers you a 7-day trial by placing your credit or debit card, after this period you will have to pay a monthly subscription. Allows 5 simultaneous devices Y has no bandwidth limit or connection time.

Each of these VPNs works in a similar way, where they will ask you to register and some permissions to function correctly, in addition, in some cases they will ask you for the country from which you want to connect. Once you register and activate it, regardless of which one you have chosen, you can try entering this link to see if your IP address is really in the country you want or you can also enter directly into the Netflix app and see the country to which referenced in the section of the 10 most popular titles of today.

change region on netflix

It is important to know that the price of Netflix varies depending on the area where you are, so if you connect from another country, it can surely affect the amount of your bill.

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