How not to appear online on WhatsApp Web: trick to get it

This way you can hide your online status when using WhatsApp Web

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is the most important messaging application and one of the most popular that we can download on our mobile device.

Despite all this, if we compare it with alternatives such as Telegram or Apple's own iMessage, we realize that WhatsApp has quite a few shortcomings, especially in privacy and security issues.

One of the most critical aspects of WhatsApp is the "Online" status of the app that makes it our contacts can know when we are online, something that cannot be deactivated even in the Privacy settings of the application itself.

Fortunately There are ways to trick WhatsApp into not appearing onlineIn this way, our contacts will not know that we are online at that moment and we can chat quietly without anyone controlling us. Now, there is always a "but".

How to avoid appearing online on WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp for Android

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging apps.

Getting not to appear online when chatting on WhatsApp is really simple but you should know that it cannot be done from the official WhatsApp application on Android or iOS, but for now you have to use WhatsApp Web. Therefore, unless WhatsApp is updated in the near future, we will have to keep waiting to be able to change the line status.

But let's get to the issue that concerns us. If you want to be completely invisible when using WhatsApp web, you will only have to install one of the following third party extensions that we share below.

The extensions are WA Incognito and Privacy Extension For WhatsApp Web that allow among other functions, hide online status.

Of course only are compatible with Google Chrome so if you use another browser such as Safari on Mac OS, you will not be able to install these extensions.

The operation of both tools is really simple. Once installed, you just have to access them by pressing their icon in the main browser bar and activate the option to hide the status "online". You can even set a certain schedule.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp developers are really slow to add new features to the application. Despite all this, we hope that a function as necessary and interesting as being able to hide the online status do not take long to get to the official application.

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