How much gold is in 1000 SIM cards? A youtuber has verified it with a curious experiment

How much gold can you get out of 1,000 SIM cards?

Despite being an element of the past, SIMs are still something (almost) essential in a mobile phone today. Not only do they allow terminals to be able to call and have a data plan - although eSIMs are increasingly popular - but also in the past they also served to store all our contacts.

SIM cards are still pieces of plastic with a small chip stuck to them. This chip is made of various materials and among them, gold is found. Yes, SIM cards have gold and this youtuber has bought a thousand cards to get it all. Has he gotten rich?

No, you will not get rich buying SIM cards

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How much gold can you get from a SIM card?

Metal Detection is a YouTube channel dedicated to conducting curious experiments. This time he has bought up to a thousand SIM cards online with the aim of knowing how much pure gold could I get from each of them and sell it by the way.

To get an idea, the initial outlay for all these cards has been about 80 euros. To that we must add all the chemical products used to extract the gold, the products and tools necessary for it and more importantly, all the time invested in this operation that honestly has not been little.


If you do not want to see the video we will give you the summary. The youtuber has taken a total of 23 grams of gold from a total of 1,000 cards. In the event that you wanted to sell this metal, I would do it for less than 11 euros. In other words, the business would have been a complete failure.

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In conclusion, the amount of gold that results from a SIM card is testimonial so no, you will not get rich if you dedicate yourself to this business. So the next time you go to throw a SIM in the trash, you won't regret it.

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