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Yesterday I started uploading photos and documents from my phone to my Google account. My surprise was that I have my general Google account full. A few days ago I had already cleaned my Gmail following the instructions in this other article that was very useful to me, but it is still full.

Looking around the files that invade my account, I saw that I have many files shared by third parties, from the past, and that I no longer need. I first thought those files were taking up my space, but Google claims that shared files only take up the owner's space. Even so, I don't need so many documents that I never access and that show me my Drive with some chaos.

In fact, those folders that the owner has shared with you, they also show you all the new documents that are added. I no longer want that share these folders with me. How can I do?

Delete files that others have shared with me without the file disappearing from their systems

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The first question is: If I decide to delete a shared file that I do not own, I will also remove this document or photograph from the systems of others?

Well no. If you delete it, will be removed from your Drive, but other contributors who have access, can continue to access it from their accounts.

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If you later decide that you want to recover that file, you can open a link that directs you to it (for example, in your email or in a messaging tool or however that third person shared the file with you) and then click on File and, after that, on Add to My Drive.

How to free up space on Google Drive and clean up your Google account with four tips and tricks

If in the future, for any reason, you have deleted the message that contained that link, you will have to contact the owner of the files that interest you again and ask him to share the link with you again of the files where you have

Remove the folder so that future files will not be seen on your drive

After deleting the files, you have the option to make a folder no longer shared with you, so that if the owner of the folder uploads more files, they won't be seen in your Drive again. To do this, right-click on the folder and choose the "Share" option.

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You go to the tab where you can share the folder to more people and also where you can decide with whom to shareeven if you don't own the folder. And you can choose the rights that you yourself can have over the document. You can decide if you want to become only reader, commenter, remain editor or remove what will make these documents stop taking up space on your system now and in the future.

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