Has Netflix overcharged you? Identify unexpected charges

If Netflix overcharges you ... you may be the victim of a scam.

Netflix is ​​the most popular streaming series and movies platform of the moment and all this despite having such important rivals as HBO or Disney +.

Among its catalog we find such incredible series as Los Bridgerton, Orange is the New Black, Vikingos or Stranger Things plus movies for all tastes and ages.

The Netflix application with which you can check your Internet speed for free and without advertising

Netflix has different payment plans depending on the number of people who are going to use the account. On the one hand we have a basic plan for a user for 7.99 euros per month, a standard plan for 11.99 euros (up to two screens at the same time and HD quality) and a premium plan for 15.99 euros per month (four screen and ultra HD quality) being able to switch between the different plans as many times as we want.

Now, it is possible that for some strange reason that we do not know, we are receiving unexpected charges from Netflix, something that should not happen since the platform automatically charges the amounts depending on the plan that we have contracted.

Therefore, if any of you see strange charges in your bank account or amounts improperly charged, be alert because the same someone is fraudulently using your bank card.

How to identify unexpected charges from Netflix

Change Netflix region

Netflix, the most popular streaming series and movies platform

Netflix allows us to pay in a number of ways. On the one hand, when creating our account and choosing a plan, we will be asked to associate a credit or debit card number. Every month that passes, Netflix will charge us a certain amount depending on the chosen plan.

There are also other payment alternatives such as PayPal or Netflix gift cardsThe latter are very useful for making gifts (as their name indicates) or in the event that we do not have a credit or debit card in our name.

Does Netflix charge for watching certain movies or series?

Unlike other platforms such as Disney + that has premium paid movies in its catalog that force its users to make an extra payment in addition to the monthly recurring payment to enjoy them, Netflix does not charge additional amounts to view its content. Not even if we download its content on our device.

That is, with the monthly payment, We can see the entire catalog of Netflix series and movies without any limitation.

Why do I have additional charges from Netflix?

Netflix for Android

The Netflix app for Android.

You have to start from the basis that this is not common. If in addition to the monthly Netflix account payment, there are other additional charges or charges on your bank account, get on alert.

In the event that you cannot identify these charges, a good start is to contact the Netflix help center. It is possible that it was an error and that they can solve it for you and if not, They can help you identify the reason and / or origin of these payments.

Because it is possible that someone has used your personal information and bank card without your permission. Normally this happens if we have answered phishing emails or for some scam on web pages where they offer really cheap Netflix accounts. In the event that this is the case, don't waste time and contact your bank and report these events at your nearest police station.

How to change Netflix region and what is it for?

It is also possible that you have several active Netflix accounts and do not remember it or that simply by mistake, you have reactivated an old account that you had deactivated a long time ago.

Definitely, Netflix will never charge you more money than your subscription plan is really worth. So if you receive charges from Netflix that you really don't know what they are, or you have inadvertently reactivated an old canceled account or worse, someone has entered your card details and is watching Netflix for free.

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