handshake emoji will include mixed skin tones from 2022

In total, there will be 25 different combinations of this long-awaited variant of the emoji.

Perhaps many go unnoticed by the infinity of applications and functionalities that Google has developed for Android and that we almost take as native, but the truth is that the Mountain giant has amazed us in recent weeks with its Emoji Kitchen, or whatever it is. the literal translation of taking emojis to another level on our mobiles with the Gboard keyboard.

Now, on its own blog, the Californian company has just presented a proposal so that in 2022 the next version 14.0 of Unicode allows the use of emojis like handshake with multiple skin tones in both hands ... Inclusion does matter for Google!

Emoji Kitchen by Gboard

Google's keyboard emoji kitchen, the most complete in the industry.

And it is not that this is anything new, really, because the Jennifer Daniel, Creative Director at Google, first proposed it in November 2019 as a mixture of a right hand in the different tones and the left also in the different skin colors, completing up to 25 combinations in favor of diversity.

After years of development, Google will advocate that Unicode 14.0 finally support the handshake emoji in 2022 in no less than 25 combinations with different skin tones.

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Google says that 39 body part emojis who have visible skin tones, it looks like The only one who does not admit it is this one from handshakeFurthermore, the change would not imply a new location or position, which would be maintained after the change.

Also, this emoji transmits according to Google "The general concept of unity and two parties that reach agreements", so It is inconceivable that an emoji like this does not allow the use of different skin tones to become more inclusive than ever.

In any case, whether the proposal is accepted or not will have to wait until the next academic year 2022, and is that despite the fact that Unicode 14.0 was scheduled for 2021, the pandemic caused by COVID-19 has delayed the entire process for six months to get more anxious if possible waiting for the new emojis.

In fact, it is that for those who do not know it yet, you should know that creating a new emoji takes no less than two years' work, and following the trend of the latest updates, surely skin tones and gender emojis continue to seek to support diversity ... We'll see if Google's proposal is finally accepted!

Google takes emojis to another level with Emoji Kitchen

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