great for video calling or cooking

Yes, there are also smart media.

We are not going to deny that the smartphone is a fairly complete tool. Beyond being able to call or send text messages, thanks to our mobile phone we can do many activities such as taking pictures, surfing the internet, watching series or movies and making video calls.

And for these tasks, one of the most comfortable accessories is a stand. And although there are many supports on the market and although they all more or less do the same function, today we bring you one that will blow your heads.

It is a smart support. Smart? Indeed, because the main feature of this support is that it will make our smartphone follow us. And no, it is not magic.

You will want to have this smart support yes or yes

Smart support

This holder for your smartphone is smart. Yes, smart.

Let us explain. It is an intelligent support sold on Youpin and thanks to the fact that it has a motion sensor, will know at all times where we are.

In this way, if we are watching a movie and we move, the support will also move the smartphone so we will not have to move it ourselves. And better yet, imagine that we are cooking a dish and watching the recipe on YouTube. Well, in this way if we move to take a knife or remove the pan from the heat, the support will turn the smartphone to where we are, making the task easier.

Let us remember that the products sold on Youpin are distributed by Xiaomi. Unfortunately we assume that like many other products in this online store, will only be sold in China. Of course, we hope it is temporarily and that soon we can enjoy devices as interesting as this one in our borders.

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