Google wants to end passwords and will enable two-step authentication for everyone

Google account in its official blog that last year the search "how secure is my password" increased by 300%. Perhaps it was because online services multiplied their use as a result of the pandemic or because, surely, passwords are a weak form of authentication. First, because they are not usually as solid as they should be. Second, because if someone steals them from us, we are sold.

That is why Google highlights in its blog that the company is studying ways to make the online services it runs and maintains more secure in the future, and that the accesses are more robust and pleasant. And that will happen, as they also comment, by establishing two-factor or two-step authentication by default in all of them. And in the future, to be able to permanently delete the passwords.

All with two-step authentication and future goodbye to passwords

Two-factor authentication is a secure system that has been in use for a long time when accessing certain platforms that implement it in their security systems. We enter our username and password, and we are asked for a second code that is provided either by SMS (not very secure) or through a dedicated app. It is a system that we have recommended on multiple occasions because although the first key is "steal" by others, the second is already much more complex to dispose of.

"One of the best ways to protect your account from a bad or broken password is to have a second form of verification in place; another way for your account to confirm that it really is you by logging in. Google has been doing this for years, making sure that your Google account is protected by multiple layers of verification. "

Google says that they have been experimenting for some time with various identification and authentication systems for their services that are more enjoyable and secure than the current ones, and that this happens through end up implementing two-step authentication by default for all of them. But they also indicate that they envision a future in which we do not have to use passwords of any kind.

Two-Step Authentication Apps: What They Are, How They Work, and The Best Options

From Google they emphasize the good functioning of their current password manager integrated in Chrome (which operates natively in ChromeOS and Android) that allows, among other things, that we do not need to remember these passwords when it comes to log in on different websites and services. But Google wants to go further and end up removing passwords completely.

"Someday, we hope that stolen passwords will be a thing of the past, because passwords will be a thing of the past," they tell from Google to show the path they are currently traveling in the security section for your systems, services and apps. But in the meantime, Google is preparing to activate two-step authentication and it would be good if we were to familiarize ourselves with these systems. If we haven't already.

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