Google Photos prepares an unlimited plan, free and with reduced quality for the new Pixels

The free and unlimited storage plan of Google Photos has its days numbered, although with some exceptions to meet the contractual requirements of the current Google Pixels. According to clues within the Google Photos APK, the application prepares a new plan for future Google Pixels with unlimited storage, and free with reduced quality.

Less than a month until the end of unlimited free storage for Google Photos. Starting June 1, you'll have to choose between paying, using alternatives, or giving Google's shared storage as much as you can. While Google confirmed in the past that future Pixels wouldn't keep unlimited storage, it appears they will, though lower quality.

Free storage but at reduced quality

9to5Google has found text strings within the Google Photos 5.41 APK that unequivocally portrays a new storage plan so far nonexistent: Space saving (slightly reduced quality). It is a concept similar to the option to save space that Google included in its camera since version 8.1.

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The description adds that "backup with Space Saver is free and unlimited", as well as that "storage applies only to photos and videos from this Pixel device". That is, Google Photos prepares a new plan to keep backup unlimited and free on Google Pixel, but at reduced quality.

Will arrive therefore the fourth plan to Google Photos, and is that for a couple of years the application included in some regions the copy with Express quality, which seems somewhat similar to the new plan that Google plans to introduce for the new Google Pixels of the future.

Plans The three Google Photos plans that exist today (Express, only in some regions)

If this feature ends up being activated for users, those who buy a new Google Pixel will have to choose between up to four different plans. Express and the new low-quality unlimited plan seem similar, so we'll have to wait to see how they differ. Starting June 1, these will be all Google Photos plans:

  • Original quality- Maintains the original quality of photos and videos and what they occupy is deducted from Google's shared storage.

  • High quality: Reduces the quality of photos to 16 megapixels maximum and videos to "high resolution". In both cases, what they occupy will be deducted from Google storage from June 1.

  • Express: Available only in some regions, this type of copy compresses photos to 3 megapixels maximum and videos to "standard definition". As of June 1, what they occupy of Google storage is discounted.

  • Retrench of space: the final name is to be determined, but this plan should be present in the new Google Pixels as a free and unlimited plan in exchange for reducing the quality "slightly". Details on compression are not yet known.

Different conditions for each Pixel

It is difficult to keep track of how Google's storage plans will be, as the conditions will be different from June 1 to different Pixel models and other Android phones. This is how the outlook for Google Photos backup plans should look, if this unlimited plan is confirmed:


Unlimited copy type in Google Photos

Original Google Pixel

Unlimited copy at original quality

Google Pixel 2, 3, 4 and 5

Unlimited copy at high quality

Google Pixel Futures

Unlimited copy at reduced quality

Rest of Android mobiles

No unlimited copy of any kind

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