Google Photos launches a new tool to manage your storage quota

Through the official blog of Google The company reminds us that next Tuesday, June 1, the change in the storage policy of Google Photos, which ends free unlimited storage, except for Google Pixels.

In its statement, Google informs us of four things that we should know about its new storage policy, in addition to announcing the new tool to manage Google Photos cloud storage.

This is the new tool to manage the Google Photos quota

The first thing Google reminds us is that ** all of our high-quality photos and videos uploaded before June 1 will not count towards Google storage. They will remain free.

The second thing is that Google informs us that we have a custom estimate of how long your storage can last. Through the following link we can see an estimate based on the frequency with which we make backup copies of photos, videos and other files in the storage of our Google account. According to the company, 80% of users, its 15 GB would have to last us about 3 years.

The third thing is that Google launches a new free tool to easily manage our storage quota through Google Photos.

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Starting today, in the Google Photos backup settings we can see the space occupied by Google Photos, Drive, Gmail and co, check the estimate of how long the storage will last, purchase a storage plan, and the best everything, free up space in the cloud.

Your new tool will allow us remove blurry photos, screenshots, or large videos quickly and easily so you're not foolishly taking up storage.

Finally, the fourth thing that Google informs us is that from now on your storage options will be easier to understand. The high-quality photos option is now called 'Storage savings'. It's just a name change, the quality of photos and videos will remain the same.

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