Google Maps now allows publishing in the new section 'Visitors news'

Announced last March, Google maps finally launches one of its new social functions that comes to complement the reviews. The Google Maps application already allows users publish in the tabs of the sites.

Until now, users could only make reviews with their respective evaluation of the sites, but from now on they have a new section in which they can post without leaving a review.

Visitors' news

All the tabs of the sites have activated the new tab of 'News', a section where we can find the owner's publications and from now on also the visitor posts.

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On News> Visitors Now we can see the community's publications and add our own publications on the wall of each site, as if it were a social network.

Google Maps News Visitors

The limitations we find is that to publish we have to add at least one image to be able to write and hang the publication. At any time we can edit the publication or delete it.

In the publications made by your user community we can only give 'Like' or report. Currently no comments can be added. The Google Maps team hopes the community will use this new section to publish their recommendations, news or events.

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