Google Maps for Android is revamping 'Your timeline' with new sections and statistics

With Google maps we can check our location history through 'Your chronology, a section that allows us to see our journeys made each day or to see the sites, cities and countries visited.

Well, this section has begun to be renewed. Google Maps has started to activate a redesigned timeline which launches two new tabs to offer us more statistics about our routes.

This is the new Google Maps chronology

Google Maps Timeline

'Your chronology' of Google Maps goes from four tabs (Day, Places, Cities and World) to six tabs when adding the new tabs 'Statistics' Y 'Travels'. We also see a new design for the 'Day' tab that now makes editing easier, by now allowing a whole day to be edited at once in a simpler way.

How to see your history of cities and countries visited on Google Maps

The most important novelty of the renewed chronology is that now in the tab 'Statistics' we will have more data about the way we move, showing the time we have been walking, driving, using public transport, cycling or flying in each month, also showing graphics to compare for months.

Google Maps Insights

The new statistics also allow us see the time we have spent each month in restaurants, shops, attractions and hotels, also show which day of each month was the one we visited the most sites.

Finally, Google Maps is also activating the 'Travel' tab, which was officially announced in November 2020. There we will see the integration with Google Trips with information from our past trips.

Via | Android Police

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