Google Fast Pair starts to show the remaining battery time of the wireless headphones

Google keep improving Fast pair, its technology for fast pairing of Bluetooth devices to improve the integration of our wireless headphones with the Android operating system.

After the redesign of last April and expanding the compatibility to more than 100 Bluetooth headphones, we now see that Google is testing an interesting novelty: show remaining battery life.

The shelf life in Fast Pair

Fast Pair Battery

Several users have reported that Fast pair has starting to show how long the headphone battery should last. Until now it only showed the current battery percentage, but never did an estimate of the remaining time.

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In this way, when you see the details of the device, you will be able to know how long each of your headphones has left before turning off, as Android has been telling you about its own battery for years.

It seems that this novelty is in testingas this new information is not available to all users. In addition, it would only be appearing in Android 12 Beta and in the Pixel Buds, although there is a user who claims to have seen this feature in their OnePlus Buds.

Being Fast Pair a technology open to all manufacturers, it is to be expected that sooner or later all compatible headphones will begin to show the estimated battery life.

This new feature has not yet been announced by Google, so it could take a few months to officially go out to the world. For example, in April of last year it announced that with Fast Pair you could find your lost headset, a feature that arrived in August.

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