Google Chrome starts moving search suggestions to the keyboard

A new improvement in the Google browser offers a change in the situation of suggestions: when activating the specific option, which is currently under development, Chrome now suggests words on the keyboard instead of in the text box. A change that can be seen in the latest stable version.

Every time we press on a form, especially in search ones, Google Chrome usually displays a menu with terms previously written or with suggestions from other users. The menu appears just below the text box, although Google Chrome is experimenting with bringing those suggestions to the top of the keyboard. And without the obligation to use Gboard.

Google wants the keyboard to be a primary part of the browsing experience

Suggestion to Google Chrome Left, Google Play suggestions without having inserted a previous search; right, after having already searched Netflix

The terms that each user searches in Chrome are synchronized with the account so that they can be suggested later, they are also stored in the browser cache. Remembering them saves a lot of time since, in general, if you have searched for anything once, there is a good chance that a second will be searched. And there is Chrome to save time.

The Gboard keyboard has a great Open Source alternative: AnySoftKeyboard is more private and free

As they discovered in Android Police, it is possible to activate a flag in the Google browser that places search suggestions at the top of the keyboard. It does not work in all text boxes or on all webs, a sign that it is not a definitive function, but it is very striking when it appears.

To activate the specific flag you must do the following:

  • Open Google Chrome on your mobile, copy chrome://flags/#autofill-keyboard-accessory-view and paste it into the address bar.

  • You will see that you enter the menu of the 'flags', options that can be activated and that are not yet completely finished.

  • Click on the menu of the specific function and check 'Enabled'.

  • Restart the browser with the button below. When it opens, close it again and open it again: the flag is not usually activated until Google Chrome does not re-offend twice.

Suggestion to Google Chrome

You already have the keyboard suggestions active. Now you just have to go to a website where it works, such as the Google Play store. When you click on its search box you will see suggestions appear at the top of your keyboard instead of opening as a list menu just below the box. And when you have typed a search, your keyboard will suggest it directly to you.

The operation of the suggestions on the keyboard is still at a very basic level, but we can see where Google's strategy will go: just as it happens now with passwords or with the clipboard, users will have the usual searches also just a touch away. distance. By being located in the lower part of the phone, they are much more accessible, even using the mobile with only one hand.

Via | Android Police

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