Google announces (but not much) its new Pixel Buds A headphones

Featured on Twitter by accident, all information about the Pixel Buds A was removed shortly thereafter.

It's been a few weeks since Google missed the first details about its new Pixel Buds A, or what is the same, the second generation of their headphones true wireless what should incorporate more power and active noise cancellation to alleviate the great problem of the Pixel Buds by improving the sound and retouching certain design details.

We do not have all the information yet, unfortunately, but it seems that we can confirm the Pixel Buds A for sure in a few hours or at least a few days, and it is that Google has mistakenly (supposedly) missed the official presentation of these headphones, which have been shown for a short time in the official Android account On twitter.

Google Pixel Buds A

The new Google Pixel Buds A, introduced by accident on Twitter.

All the published information has flown almost instantly, but the Internet always has memory and 9to5Google got this precious capture, where you can see the first promotional image of some Pixel Buds A that are officially confirmed as the second iteration true wireless of the Mountain View Giant.

We have been talking about the Pixel Buds A for weeks, but this version more compensated in price and performance of the Pixel Buds we have not yet been able to confirm it ... Until now!

Google mistakenly shows the Pixel Buds A, its new wireless headphones

What we know about them is first of all that will maintain a similar design to the previous one and will be called "Pixel Buds A-Series" leaving the door ajar to various models, as well as that the cargo box has been minimally redesigned with a new position for the LED, which is now a friendlier place, and more color presence.

This secondary color, in fact, will be present both in the charging box and in the headset replacing the black, and since we have also seen more striking green tones, there are likely to be different options to suit more tastes.

Google Pixel Buds A, presented on Twitter by mistake

This is the 'tweet' published on the Android account, available because the Internet never forgets any detail.

In any case, the publication of the discord does not show much more than what you see, adding a message that refers to quality sound, a clear improvement in this regard was expected, and at the redesigned quick pairing mode Fast pair that we had already seen on Android before.

We could add many more rumors but it would be a bit daring, because surely Google I / O 2021 that kicks off in just over a week will serve as the perfect springboard for these headphones which, if the denomination does not mislead, should respond to a best quality / price ratio as the Pixel 4a and the rest of Google devices are assumed with the "to" as last name.

Error or not, the truth is that we already knew that Google was preparing new headphones, so for now the image does not contribute much more than this direct confirmation from Mountain View.

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