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If you like customization and have you ever wondered how to put an animated background in Windows 10, the answer comes with multiple options. In Genbeta we have talked about options like AutoWall to put a GIF or video as wallpaper, for example. Or, maybe you've heard of the famous Wallpaper Engine that you can buy on Steam.

The first option has many shortcomings, and the second, because it is paid. The new option that we are going to recommend in Genbeta today does not have any of those problems: Lively Wallpaper en an extremely powerful open source application for using animated backgrounds in Windows 10 and a variety of other things.

An excellent free customization tool with lightweight mode

Performance Liveliy Wallpaper

If you are concerned that these types of apps consume a lot of resourcesEither you don't have a computer to spare, Lively Wallpaper solves that with a "Lite" or light mode, and it is quite effective. In normal mode, for users who have no problem with this, the app consumes an average of 400-450 MB of RAM.

However, in Lite mode the consumption decreases to less than 50-100 MB of memory, although it would be necessary to add about 100-150 MB more if the wallpaper is a video and you have to use the MPV player that it integrates (one that you can change for VLC and other options).

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Besides this, Lively Wallpaper automatically pauses when you run any application in full screen or when you run a game, and stop consuming resources completely.

Better yet, it lets you customize that behavior and also lets you choose if you want to pause the animated background when you focus on an app (you bring the window to the front), when you have a laptop and you are using only the battery, or you can even set playback rules per application, that is, that the animated background is paused depending on which applications you are using according to what you choose. .

Put almost anything as an animated background and customize to the maximum

Lively Wallpaper includes a small selection of animated backgrounds by default that you can apply to try. All those backgrounds are interactive, that is, you can play with them a bit using the mouse on the desktop.

This means that as a user you can add almost what you want to the library of funds. Since interactive websites, YouTube videos, 3D applications, and even audio visualizers can be set as background thanks to this app.

The best part is that you just have to drag the web or the video into the Lively configuration window to add it to your selection, and it works wonders. For example, if you want to add a YouTube video you just have to paste the link and create a background from it.

Lively can also be used to set an animated background on your Windows 10 lock screen.

In addition to this, Lively lets you customize multiple aspects of the animated background, such as saturation, brightness, contrast, gamma, and even the playback speed. Y, If the video you have put in the background has sound, you can adjust the volume or mute it completely.

Lively Wallpaper supports multiple displays, in resolutions up to HiDPI and ultrawide aspect ratios and more. From the settings you can change the language to Spanish (although it is not 100% translated).

The latest version was released a few days ago and adds new customization options that have nothing to do with the background. Things like change taskbar theme for transparent options and more.

In the subreddit of the application you can find recommendations for more animated wallpapers.

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