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The future of smartphone screens according to Samsung.

Samsung has positioned itself as the number one mobile phone company on its own merits. To its incredible mid-range, we must add premium devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S21 that have made both the press and consumers fall in love.

The South Korean company is therefore a benchmark in terms of technology and each of its announcements is followed with great interest. Now, the firm is participating in Display Week 2021 where he has left us a few interesting touches on what is new to come in the future.

This will be the future of mobile phones according to Samsung

Samsung prototype folding smartphone

Samsung teaches what the folding screens of the future could look like

As we read in XDA, Samsung participates in the "fair" Display Week 2021, an event where the latest advances in technology are shown in terms of device screens such as smartphones, televisions, computers and the like.

Through its subsidiary Samsung Display, South Koreans have shown the latest technologies they are working on: folding screens, rollers and many more.


In the video we can see technologies such as the S-Foldable, a new type of OLED panel that can be folded in multiple and positioned in different shapes and positions. Such a 7.2-inch panel could fold up to two times both inside and out, something that could solve most of the problems of today's folding screens.

On the other hand, there is also room for other types of devices such as laptops. In this case, the firm shows us a 17-inch OLED folding laptop. As if that were not enough, there is also room for extra-thin screens similar to tablets that would serve to expand the content of other Samsung devices.

Another technology that appears in the video is that of the camera under the screens. Although we have already talked about this technology on more than one occasion in the field of mobile telephony, it seems that Samsung also wants it in other devices such as laptops.

At the moment all this they show us are nothing more than prototypes so it does not mean that all this technology will become a reality in the near future. However, it seems to us that much of what Samsung teaches could be perfectly applicable to today's smartphones and consequently, to be able to innovate in a market that has not surprised us for some time.

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