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Redmond's developer conference, Microsoft Build, is back. Like last year, the celebration will be held virtually for the pandemic and anyone can be a part of it by discovering what the company has in store for developers and, ultimately, for end users.

Microsoft Build 2021 starts this Tuesday, May 25 with the presentation of the head of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, and will run until Thursday 27.

We bet on news, especially from Windows 10 Sun Valley, Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Teams

It will be several days ahead in which A good number of news and announcements await us that, although we cannot safely venture and some probably do not even imagine, a few can be intuited from what we have known so far and the programming prepared.

We bet on news, especially from Windows 10 Sun Valley, Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Teams; although surely Build 2021 will leave us much more.


Windows 10 Sun Valley, the "radical visual rejuvenation"

Windows 10 Sun Valley

We have been talking about Windows 10 Sun Valley for months and months and this Build 2021 could be a fantastic occasion for Microsoft to officially talk about this great and important update to its operating system that is expected for the last months of the year.

From her we hope floating menus, rounded corners, new icons, improved performance, integration of doomed Windows 10X functions and, in short, that "radical visual rejuvenation" of which a job offer from Redmond spoke for the team in charge of the Windows user experience. It remains to be seen if anything will be advanced, but two sessions with the titles are scheduled What's New for Windows Desktop Application Development Y What's new in Windows 10 for ALL developers.

The "radical visual rejuvenation" that will come with Windows 10 Sun Valley will need the support of the developers who work with the Microsoft system

Windows 10 Sun Valley: the return of rounded edges to Windows

If we look at what happened and expected for other conferences for Microsoft developers, his would be that the company present to the developers the possibilities of the new operating system design, as well as the functionalities that go beyond merely aesthetic changes and directly affect the user experience of use. Engaging developers, especially when such major changes are to be launched, is critical to further assuring the foreseeable success of such a birth.

It would also be desirable for those from Redmond to reaffirm that approach, put on the table more than five years ago, on Windows 10 as the permanent system. Not just another version, not a system that will be replaced by a new Windows in a few years, but rather as the foundation on which, through regular updates, a single OS is built that evolves over time.

Microsoft Edge, the browser to consider

Microsoft Edge

For many, Microsoft Edge is proving quite a revelation. The new browser from Redmond, since it is based on Chromium, has become the favorite of many users who bet on it for its reliability, its limited consumption of resources and its functionalities that go beyond the typical. For this reason, and because it does not stop evolving, it is possible that it will repeat the prominence it experienced in Build 2020.

It is likely that beyond highlighting the milestones achieved, the already known approach of merge the code base of the desktop and mobile version into one. Good news for Microsoft itself, and also for users, which could accelerate the adoption of new features and unify, to some extent, user experiences in a timely manner.

Edge is a little gem that Microsoft should keep polishing and pampering

Microsoft Edge, review: the best of Chrome and the classic Edge wrapped in the same package

Microsoft Teams, driving the business solution

Microsoft Teams

After almost a year testing in mode preview the version for users of Microsoft Teams, the company definitively released it for free personal use among friends and family a few days ago. On the other hand, the business version has emerged as one of the solutions for remote labor relations during the pandemic and, surely, for what may remain of teleworking in many companies once the health crisis has been overcome.

That is why It is not ruled out that Microsoft emphasizes this solution and continues to improve it with the aim of placing it at the level of impact, implementation and functionalities of rivals such as Slack, Zoom or the tools of Google, Meet and Workspace, involving developers who can create applications that integrate in different ways with Teams. A way to go further not only through the development of internal doors.

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