Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct chats will not be encrypted until (at least) the end of 2022

Facebook continues to cast doubt on the privacy and security of its services, with Instagram and Facebook Messenger still unencrypted.

Many massive data leaks and various controversies derived through changes in the Terms of Service WhatsApp included, it seems that on Facebook they continue with their roadmap without paying too much attention to the criticism received for their privacy policies, and it seems that improvements in this regard are not a priority in the Menlo Park offices.

In fact, it is that some industry experts are commenting on xda-developers that the encryption of messages between users will not be ready anytime soon, at least if we attend to Facebook Messenger and Instagram, despite the fact that it is an almost necessary and mandatory option for protect shared information by the people who use these services.

It is once again proven that the data of Facebook users is not safe

For Facebook, the privacy of its users is something that can be simmered.

Even Facebook itself recognizes concern among its ranks, but in a announcement of new security and protection plans published in the last hours, Mark Zuckerberg's own company claims that the end-to-end encryption, for example, will not arrive at least during this year 2021, urging us to wait for many more months:

While we hope to move further with the default end-to-end encryption for Messenger and Instagram Direct, this is a long-term project and we won't be fully prepared to encrypt end-to-end conversations until 2022 at the earliest. Additionally, the security features that we have already introduced are designed to work with E2E encryption, and we will continue to build strong security features into our services.

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Facebook works on encryption, but seems to have other priorities

The lime and sand in the same paragraph, and it is that Facebook claims to be working on a ton of privacy and security related news, but without offering more data and announcing that it will not encrypt its end-to-end messages on Messenger and Instagram at least until next year, 2022, with many months still ahead and the communications of its users circulating through the network without protection end-to-end of any kind.

It should be noted that WhatsApp does have this type of encryption, after years of bitter requests from its users, and also that Facebook Messenger does have this important functionality when you switch to the "Secret conversation", where in addition to encrypting the messages, some functions of the service are deactivated.

Instagram for its part has not implemented any type of encryption yet, and that from California had confirmed that It would be implemented both in Messenger, as in WhatsApp and Instagram back in the year 2019 offering no more than this promise.

So you can know if your Facebook account has been compromised

Curious that Facebook, with so many criticisms in its backpack, follow prioritizing other developments rather than finally implementing end-to-end encryption and with it the protection of the communications of its users, since They have been working on it for two years Without us having seen much progress either in this regard or in the unified infrastructure that they promised.

And it is true that this infrastructure is complex, but it is that other services such as Signal and Telegram offer E2E privacy almost from its birth, and the exodus of users from Facebook messaging services to other alternatives has not stopped in recent times precisely because of these problems and the continuous changes in Terms of Service announced from Menlo Park ... Will they continue to sustain the loss of users?

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