Facebook is testing WhatsApp as a two-step verification tool for Instagram

Facebook is testing to unite WhatsApp with Instagram taking advantage of two-step authentication. A couple of screenshots leaked by the developer Alessandro paluzzi show the new options in the Instagram application.

The idea, it seems, is to allow the use of WhatsApp as a two-step verification tool for Instagram, that is, that the messaging app serves to receive the authentication codes that allow you to log into Instagram.

An optional security feature, but a step forward in integrating Facebook apps

The feature would be an optional feature, as two-step verification often is on current platforms, despite the fact that experts have been recommending enabling multi-factor authentication for as many accounts and services as possible for years. it is a much more effective and robust security measure than your thousand long, complex and different passwords.

When you use two-step verification, you need two factors to be able to access an account: something you know and something you have. That is, your password plus a code that is sent elsewhere, or even a physical device like USB keys. There is no simpler and older example of this than a bank card and the pin to use the ATM.

What is WhatsApp 2-Step Verification and why is it so important?

Two-step verification of Instagram through WhatsApp sounds like a simple and comfortable option for those who already use both applications, and with the number of users of both platforms, it is quite a few people. Although you will first need to give your phone number to the app and activate the reception of SMS to be able to activate the function. In the capture it is ensured that "WhatsApp will not store your information"...

However, this idea also shows how Mark Zuckerberg's plans to integrate Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp continue to advance slowly but surely, a decision that is far from convincing and that raises serious privacy questions.

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