Edge's improved vertical tabs are yet another argument to beat Chrome in productivity

Microsoft Edge continues to advance at such a high rate that not only does it have almost nothing to envy to Chrome, but the Genbeta team seems to us a better browser than Google's.

In aspects such as productivity, Edge is ahead with great recent additions like Collections or Continue on PC, available for iOS and Android. It is also partially so in other sections, such as the vertical tabs, which have arrived unfinished because the space they save us on the horizontal tabs is added to the title bar.

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However, Microsoft is already working on improving this, and we can now test its implementation in Microsoft Edge Canary 92, the latest version available for download in that branch. It has been testing for some time, but now the option to hide the bar has been added to settings, as long as we activate the experimental function.

(Little) more vertical space, something that is appreciated in panoramic screens


Hidden title bar with vertical tabs versus traditional tabs

In addition to having Edge Canary 92, to activate the function of hiding the title bar, we will have to do two extra steps. The first will be to introduce edge://flags/#edge-vertical-tabs-hide-titlebar in the browser's address bar. Once we are in the flags configuration, we will have to mark "Enabled" in the button that accompanies the entry "Vertical tabs hide title bar". From there, we will restart the browser.

Better than browser bookmarks or note apps: Collections in Microsoft Edge have done wonders for my productivity

Once we have activated the vertical tabs from the button dedicated to it on the left of the tab bar, the next thing will be to tell the browser that we want to hide the title bar. To do so, all you have to do is right click on a tab and click on 'Hide Title Bar'. After that, the browser will not dedicate space to the titles of the windows, as we see in the photo above in the versus. To see the content of each tab, we will go to the left, and after hovering the cursor over them, the list of names will be displayed. If not, with your own favicon it might be enough.

If we do not hide the bar, in we also notice a minimal reduction of space, but little compared to what is gained with vertical pentañas. It is due, in the case of capture, because, as space is lost horizontally, the browser compresses more the content space to fit it.


Gaining space without hiding the title bar was almost non-existent.

We have to wait for next versions of Edge to see this for all users and by default, without going into flags, but it is appreciated all that they are doing in Redmond on the Chromium base. To this day, Microsoft's involvement with Edge in the open source browser has been the best thing that has happened to Chrome.

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