Download more than 150 GB of free sound effects and free use for your personal or commercial projects

If you need sound effects for any type of project, but especially for video game development, at Soniss they offer you a huge catalog of all kinds of resources related to audio production, from music, to samples and complete libraries of all kinds of sounds.

Now, in Soniss they have years celebrating a tradition in honor of the famous GDC video game fair. From 2015 to 2020, every year They have given away a huge sound effects package that already reaches more than 150 GB, and you can find them all in this link.

Completely free to use without the need for attribution


Folders with the 2017 bundle files

The best thing about all this is, of course, that it involves 100% royalty-free sounds, so you can use them in any type of project without even having to add any type of credit.

All the sounds are available directly on the Soniss website, organized in a file under the name GameAudioGDC. It's thousands of dollars worth of audio effects that you can use in an unlimited number of projects.


The three download options

On this website you can download thousands of free vector graphics to use in personal or commercial projects

The archives are organized by the year in which they were released and within each year there are multiple ZIP files that make up the different parts. If you choose direct download, there are two download mirrors (options) for each part, and you need to download all parts to get all the files.

You also have the option to download a torrent which contains all the files for each year, is a simpler option, but not always faster, it depends on how many seeders there are at that time.

Oh, and like all self-respecting free-to-use useful archives, they have also partly ended up in the Internet Archive library.

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